Wireless charging power bank review

External power bank with a function of wireless charging keep mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, fitness bracelets, and headphones running continuously. When choosing the optimal battery, the buyer compares several criteria:  speed, dimensions, and size, power volume, and  cost. For appropriate charging of today’s smartphones, capacity of the power bank should be far more than 5000 mAh.

The Wireless Power Consortium – the body responsible for thestandards in the field established in 2015 the Qi Extended Power Profile. It’s a 15W baseline charging standard for external batteries. Some producers come up to the prescribed level and are compatible with the smartphone series: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Huawei P30, Mate 30 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 9. For models starting with the iPhone 8, wireless charging capacity should excess 7.5W. Latest Androids  in order to be replenished require  the volume greater than 10W.

Several key options are performed for the device purchasers  of the wireless charging power bank in this article: inexpensive QI wireless charging batteries capable to run one device at one time, -external power bank equipped to render a charge for several devices in a consequential order, and a wireless docking station capable to run several gadgets simultaneously. A common feature for wireless charging batteries is: the user is capable to speak or adjust the gadgets during recharging it by the power bank.

Inexpensive QI wireless external batteries:

Anker PowerWave Pad: a proven device capable to render from 7.5 to 10 watts for phones, and 5 watts for tablets. Design of the charger – flat black disk with micro-USB input with one indicator of charging status. Anker is able to charge the phone placed in a protective case. Samsung Galaxy S8 charges up to 18% in 30 minutes and up to 30% in an hour and is supposed to be a comfortable external charging device capable to render a good result in a definite time.  The  price of this wireless fast charging power bank  -24$.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 20W and 30W are some of the best known inexpensive options for wireless fast charging. They are equipped with charging status indicators and a USB Type-C port. The power bank volume are 20 and 30 W, technology Qi. These batteries are suitable for all devices with this technology without being tied to a platform. But can run only one device during recharging a smartphone. The price of the devices ranges from 19$, and 44.

Samsung EP-N5200 in this recharging device segment offers 15W Qi charging, equipped with a volume status indicator and a USB C port. There is a built-in cooler that cools the phone.  The accumulator runs only one gadget.  Its price of the external battery equals to the above-mentioned wireless charge power banks.

Spigen Wireless Charger: the black leather cover prevents the large phones from slipping. The phone charge level is up to 31% in one hour. When the device is turned on, the blue ring of thinks wireless charging power bank  is active  and after 30 seconds it goes out. The power of this best wireless charging battery is  up to 10W (iPhone 7.5W).  The price of the power bank – 24$.

Apple MagSafe charger: this base panel has a 15W volume that is in accordance with the Qi standard. It can charge wirelessly  iPhone 8, iPhone 12, or iPhone 12 Pro. The Apple MagSafes consistent with headphones AirPods Pro and AirPods. The wireless power bank is capable for recharging of 2 devices simultaneously. It is connected to the smartphone with several round magnets designed under the back of the case to render a smooth charging process. The Apple MagSafe is not equipped with a power adapter. It will need to purchase an Apple USB-C charging plug  (26.5$). The built-in USB-C cable is 1 meter long. The price of the wireless battery is 55$.

SanDisk iXpand. It has a power of 10 watts. The Galaxy S8 charges 20% in 30 minutes and 34% in an hour. This device can be described as a reliable wireless fast charging power bank. Its charging surface design is not suitable for large devices. The battery backs up photos, videos, and contacts. Thestorage capacity of the power bank – 128GB of internal memory. This is done over Wi-Fi and the relevant app during wireless charge. Transferring data to storage is slow and requires a power source. But the device handles multiple smartphones. Price: 51.7$.

BLAVOR Ultrafold: It has a volume of 16000 mAh. This power is sufficient to fully wirelessly charge an average phone from 5 to 6 times. The BLAVOR Ultrafold power bank is specially designed for outdoor activities. The charger is prepared for any unexpected situation: it is resistant to moisture and water ingress even when exposed to severe rainfall. Price: 60 $.

Moshi Lounge Q Wireless Charging Stand: the wireless charger will enhance almost any interior. It has an adjustable stand so that the smartphone can be recharged vertically or horizontally. The Moshi is equipped with a 1.2- meter non-detachable cable, and operating micro-lamp, and a 15W charging power. USB cable port C is a design component. The price of this wireless fast charging power bank with a smart and smooth design starts from 77$.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo:  this power bank can deliver wireless charge to the phone and smart-watch at the same time. One of its two pads fulfills Samsung’s  Fast Charge 2.0 wireless charging standard. The first battery capacity is 10 W. Smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S10 line are charged very quickly.  The second battery can simultaneously charge Galaxy Watch or another watch or phone any Qi-compatible device. Price: 82.5$.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro 2-in-1: device capacity is 15 W. Wireless fast charging is rendered in well-tailored design with chrome-plated armrest and two color options of the power bank: white and black. A secure magnetic mount at the top of the charger case makes a tight connection with smartphones. The holding platform has a non-magnetic cup mount for wireless charging of AirPods Pro or any Qi-compatible device. Price: 126 $.

Docking station: to charge 3 devices simultaneously


Logitech Powered 3-In-1 Dock: best wireless charging power bank for smartphones and wearable Apple gadgets. The device allows replenishing the energy supply of three devices at once Apple Watch, AirPods headphones, and an iPhone smartphone. This station is equipped with a stand for tilting the cellular device during wireless charging. The user can watch videos or control music playback while recharging. The stand provides 10 watts of power.

The Powered 3-In-1 Dock like some other devices performed in this article, is designed with a 10-watt charging pad to accommodate AirPods case or a second smartphone. Simultaneously, the station is equipped with a 5-watt module, on which a smartwatch can be hung. Price: 130$.

Canyon CNS-WCS303: wirelessly сharges 3 devices simultaneously a smartphone, a smart-watches, and headphones. The wireless charge power per device is 15 W in these power banks. The rubber-coated base prevents the phone from slipping. There is a touch button to turn on the LED backlight indicator. The set includes a cable of 1.2 meters long. The connection is rendering via the USB C port. The price of this best wireless charging power bank starts from $48.

KenuBingebank: this battery can run smartphones series from IPhone 8 up to 50% in 30 minutes. The battery capacity is 10,000 mAh. This is enough to recharge iPhone more than three times. This power bank charges headphones or other gadgets. On the outer panel of the power bank, there is an adhesive platform for fixing the smartphone for wireless charge. Micro suction cups of this device fix the gadget steadily during charging. For charging, can be used both a QI station and two standard USB ports. The price starts from 45 to 60$.

Zens Modular: it is a modular system performed in the wide spectrum of the reviews projected to explain the options of the power banks. To render wireless charging in a proper format, it can be assembled by the owner in the defined concept The main unit can be connected to the Apple Watch Vertical Wireless Charging Dock or the Single AirPods Charging Dock. Zens Modular total power up to 30W and 65W adapter included. The price of this wireless charge power bank varies 72 – 97$.

Prestigio PPB121G: Europe’s first graphene external battery that is the reason of its presence in the power bank review renders  20,000 mAh capacity. Connector types: USB-A, USB Type-C. Maximum power for wireless charging – 10W. Maximum power by cable: 45W. Such a battery does not overheat even with fast charging and has up to 3 times longer battery life compared to conventional external batteries. The device allows to charge 3 devices at once. And it wireless charges itself very quickly – in 1.5 hours to 100%.  60-watt adapter is included in the toolkit. The price   – 75$.

INTERSTEP PB10DQi PRO: docking station with mobile battery. It can charge 3 devices at once: the battery itself – it is simply inserted into the slot, a smartphone or watch without wires. An additional gadget can be charged by connecting it to USB. Via USB, only 5V / 2A are available on the station. But the power bank itself can deliver up to 18 watts. Battery charging is even faster – there is a 36 W adapter in the kit. The price of this wireless charge power bank – 150$.

HIPER Nano X2 Space:  option for 20,000 mAh. At the same time, there are 4 output USB-A, double-sided USB-C, and input micro USB. The device produces 18 watts of power only when one gadget is connected. The HIPER Nano X2 Space barely heats up. To replenish energy, it must be left plugged in overnight: the process will take about 8 hours. The price of the device varies from 24 – 34$.

Nomad Base Station Hub: renders 4 devices in wireless and wired charging mode simultaneously. Via wireless charging, the user can charge either one smartphone in 10W capacity  or  two smartphones in 7.5W capacity for each device. There are also 2 ports for charging via cable: USB-A (7.5W / 5V / 1.5A) and USB-C Power Delivery with up to 18W power output. The soft leather wireless charging surface and wireless charging LED indicators make this device  easy to use. The ambient light sensor reduces the LEDs light at night. The station is equipped with 2 plugs: EU and UK formats. It’s one of the most reliable and comfortable option described in the wireless charging power bank review. The price of the device – 160$.