Best solar wireless power bank: charging a smart phone and cameras during the summer long rest time

During hot summer days, comfort lovers strive to get away from noisy megacities to enjoy large seashore vibes,  to get lost in the forest, or spot bright fishes in the ocean scuba diving. These trips can take several weeks. For such a journey to be rich in new photo and video files, it is necessary to be equipped to charge smartphones, navigators, camcorders, and other gadgets in space without power outlets. Portable solar batteries know how to do it. But there are many of them. Which device is better to choose for relaxing on the sea or ocean coast?

The sun’s rays produce non-equilibrium electron-hole pairs, which partially carry electrons through p-n junctions from one absorbing layer of the power bank to another. In this case, a voltage appears in the external circuit, which gradually charges the battery cells. The devices are supplied with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery cells. The delivery set of the wireless charging solar power bank usually includes a cable and a set of adapters. The charge level is indicated on a special display or by means of LED indicators. Let’s take a look at the best power banks with solar panels and wireless charging.

KILNEX SOLAR POWER BANK 16000 MAH “LEXX”+ wireless charging:

portable wireless charging device has 6 removable solar plates to replenish a power bank during light day period. The device renders wireless charging function. It occupies a small area when unfolded and folded. The device fits easily into the bag or backpack and does not take up much space. During the hike – the device can be hung on the backpack, and it will charge the power bank.

Solar power bank capacity with a function of wireless charging is 16,000 mAh\75 Wh. Solar energy 5.5 V – 10 W. The power bank provides wireless charging of mobile devices that support this function. The solar panels are removable. The power bank has a built-in flashlight – 95 lumens. Wireless charging solar power bank micro USB input 5V – 2A maximum. Input Type-C 5V – 2A maximum. USB1 output: – 5V – 2A maximum. USB2 output: – 5V – 2A maximum. Size 155x88x45 mm. Weight 619 g. Full charging time 10-12 hours from the active summer sun. The degree of protection against water is IP65. Price $ 66.43.

F16W-PD black – solar charging, – QI wireless charging,- fast charging options:

battery capacity 16000 mAh. The solar panel is of monocrystalline silicon with a power of 1.8W. The battery type of the power bank is lithium polymer. Power bank charging time 4-5 hours. Input interfaces Type-C. Output interfaces USB Type A (2 units), USB TYPE-C The number of USB outputs is 3 units. The power bank delivers QI charging option.

The set includes – Micro USB cable, clip for fastening on the backpack. Input Voltage Type C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A  – 18W Max. Voltage at the output USB Type A (1) 5V/3A. Solar power bank wireless charger output voltage – USB Type A (2) 5V/ 3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A  – 18W Max. Dimensions 171 x 84 x 22 mm. Weight 375 g. The cover material of the charger is soft plastic and thermoplastic polyurethane. This composition is waterproof and dustproof. There is a flashlight on the charger body. Price: $55,63.


delivers fast charging function with and has a capacity 18 W.  The device supports a two-way charging mode and digital communications protocol PD.T  The power bank delivers an option of 4 devices charging simultaneously. Via the USB the device provides 4 times faster replenishment than standard chargers and is able to charge about 80% of the battery for QC 2.0 / 3.0 compatible devices during 35 minutes.  The solar power bank renders QI wireless charger function in the 5W, 7,5 W, 10 W capacities. The power bank is equipped with a safety unit to secure the battery and the smartphone against power circuits.

Solar power bank wireless charger  has a the lithium batteries  A-shell. It charges the IPhone 2,8 faster than other power bank producers. The size: 171х22х84  mm. There are for Led indicators to scan the battery charge level of the power bank. The power bank has a waterproof level IP66 and can work safely after 3 minutes of underwater presence. The power bank kit includes a power adapter and a cable. There is a loop on the upper rim of the power bank case to wear it on the backpack for solar charging. The price  $42,8.

Power bank 20000 mah:

the device is equipped with a solar panel for charging from solar or other light source. The portable charger has a sleek, stylish design made of durable plastic. Capacity, mAh: 20000. Output 2: DC 5.0 V, 2.1 A (Max). Input: DC 5V, 1A (Max). A big plus is the fast charging capability and Qi wireless charging. All phone models, MP3 players, cameras, and many other devices can be charged via cable. The LED indicator of the solar power bank with wireless charging shows the power bank charge level. The device fits easily into the bag or backpack and does not take up much space. Price: $18,2.

OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank:

the device is equipped with a 25,000 mAh battery and can charge three devices at the same time. Solar panel power: 2W, 400mA. Another handy feature is that charging can be done wirelessly. The device carries out the function of fast charging with a power of 18W. The device uses lithium polymer batteries, which last about 490 times of full use. Type-C and micro USB cables are included.

Size: 170 × 86 × 32.5 mm. Weight: 585g. The solar power bank is designed as a rugged military-grade design. The device is waterproof with an IP67 rating. This means it can be dropped to water for  30 minutes, but work safely. The power bank has anti- dust and anti-shock resistance. The solar power bank with wireless charging provides a pass-through charging function when the appliance is plugged into mains.  The time to fully charge the device from the socket is 8 hours. Price – $69.

Aikove 30000 мАч:

portable solar power bank capacity – 30000mAh. It is enough to charge iPhone 11 9 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 8 times, and Macbook Pro 5 times. Qi wireless charging function is compatible with iPhone 11 / XR, Galaxy S9 / S8, and all qi-enabled devices. The power bank maintains a maximum output power limit of 10W and charges the mobile phone up to 100% in 80 minutes. It takes 10 hours to charge the solar mobile battery with an 18W wall charger. The device is equipped with bi-directional PD USB C 3.0, 2A, and Micro 2.1A 18W, 3 types of cables, suitable for mobile power.

The power bank has 12 built-in LED lights with 3 modes: strong, weak, and SOS flashing light. There is a sensor in the solar power bank with wireless charging that protects against voltage surges and short circuits.The power bank has a polymer battery. The body of the device is made of durable and reliable ABS PC silicone material. It is one of the safest coatings available today. It protects against rain, dirt, shock, and water droplets. Package includes: 1 solar charger, 1 user manual, 1 micro cable, 1 lanyard. Price $33,99.

Solar Power Bank 30000 мАH (EGEYI):

an external solar battery with 3 output ports – 3USB + Qi and 34 LED flashlight. The device provides 2 charging modes – Solar + USB. The solar battery can also be charged via a cable. Input current up to 5 V/2 A.  Power bank Can charge iPhone 11 8 times, Huawei P30 Pro 6 times, and Galaxy S10 7 7 times. It has 3 charging ports (5V / 1A, 5V / 2A), and QI wireless charging function. Power bank can charge 4 devices at the same time. This function, plus options described above puts this device in the best solar wireless power bank segment. There is an automatic current distribution function to avoid overload, voltage surges, which allows to protect both the power bank and the smartphone it charges. Dimensions: 21.7 x 11.4 x 3.4 cm; 300 grams.

The charger is equipped with 34 LED lights with three brightness modes.The solar charge indicator illuminates when charging with solar power. The body of the charger – as many other power banks with wireless option and solar batteries best complies with the IPX65 waterproof standard. The parameter protects the powerbank from being damaged by raindrops. The outer cover of the device is made of environmentally friendly ABS materials. The material is strong and safe enough to prevent breakage in the event of a fall. The power bank is equipped with a side-mounted carabiner and can be hung on a backpack to absorb the sun.

The price-quality parameters of chargers will differ markedly in direct dependence on the quality of energy-saving elements and on the name of the charger manufacturer. But the ability to charge multiple or 4 devices simultaneously places any given battery in the best solar wireless power bank line. Having time wirelessly on the ocean or sea – makes these things unique.