We all use different mobile devices, so we all know the feeling of frustration when the device runs out of battery. After purchasing an external battery, you should fully charge a portable charger at once. That’s, of course if you want the charger to last as long as possible and please your gadgets with eternal “online”. To do this, you need to know some features of chargers and follow a few simple rules for use:

Fully charge a portable charger immediately

The ideal charging process (both PowerBank and your phone/tablet battery) includes the so-called “drip” charging – charging the gadget for some time after the indicators show that the device is 100% charged. In contrast, the charge continues for a feeble current.

Usually, a current of 1-1.5A charges the Power Bank. The closer the end of charging, the lower the number of amperes. “Drip” setting is 0.1-0.05A. If you want a maximum capacity for your battery, wait for the “drip” charging to finish. As soon as your USB tester shows 0.00A, charging is done, and you can disconnect the device from the network.

Why shouldn’t you discharge the PowerBank completely (to 0%)

We know well that the constant discharge to 0% reduces the service life. Charge the Power Bank when it still has a 10-20% charge. In external chargers with a percentage indication of the discharge/charge level, it is elementary to find out; in devices with the LED sign, you have to do it “by eye” or based on presumptions.

The best way to charge power bank

Discharge the battery from time to time (every 1-3 months)

This point contradicts the previous one, but it is also essential. That allows you to reset the charge limits (upper and lower – to calibrate the Power Bank). If you do not plan to use the external battery for a long time, discharge it by about half. Storing a fully charged (and a fully discharged) battery is very harmful to it and will significantly shorten its life.

How portable charger can gain the maximum capacity

Make sure you did 2-3 complete charge/discharge cycles. Also, if the Power Bank begins to discharge faster than usual in the future, it is worth repeating this cycle of 2-3 repetitions and thereby rewriting the battery statistics. Read about Usams Wireless charger power bank here.

Power bank for comfort

How to make power bank work as long as possible

ALWAYS charge it up to 100% if you constantly use it! Try never to stop charging ahead of time – only after it is 100% charged. Find out how to know if your poartable charger fully charged here.