Scosche Wireless Charging Power Bank: a wireless charger for smartphones for usage at home, in the workplace or in the office

Scosche has been making products for mobile devices for 10 years. The company is constantly expanding its range of mobile accessories, including chargers, fitness monitors, phone mounts, and even dash cameras. This review presents the technical specifications of the company’s best-selling wireless power banks.

Scosche MagicGrip Window/Dash Mount:

QI wireless charger for iPhone designed for car. The power of the device is 10W. The device grips the phone during placement using motorized levers that securely hold it thereafter. The device includes a “Double Pivot” dashboard or window mount. The device design allows positioning the phone vertically or horizontally thanks to the swivel mechanism. There is a “temperature control channel” between the phone and the charger to keep the charging cool. The Qi wireless activates as soon as the user attaches the smartphone to the charger. The LED will light up while charging. The Scosche wireless charging power bank kit includes a wireless charging mount, a USB car adapter, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and two adhesive cable clamps to help secure the cable from the holder to the connected USB car adapter. The plastic base has a sturdy surface with two articulated arms connected via a ball joint. The holder of the Scosche power bank has a built-in LED charging indicator. When the wireless charging starts, it ligts up and automatically adjusts the light intensity based on darkness and light conditions. This is convenient when driving at night. The device has a good range of mounting angles. Price: $ 6.

Scosche Stuckup QI:

Scosche Stuckup QI: 10W wireless car charger.  The device allows to connect and charge the martphone in one of two ways: you can mount it on the dashboard of your car or attach it to the windshield. The attachment takes place thanks to a suction cup with sticky glue. This is a good solution because of the opportunity to install the charger over and over again. The Scosche Wireless Charging Power Bank comes with all the accessories you need to charge wirelessly, including a charging base, 58-inch USB cable, mount, and a 12-volt power adapter. The phone stand is fully customizable to accommodate any size phone and ensures that its charging cable fits your smartphone perfectly. A special design of the mount delivers 360 degrees rotation. Charging time to 100% is about 3 hours.

Scosche TAQ02 MagicMount Charge:

Scosche TAQ02 MagicMount Charge: 10W charger designed for wireless charging of smartphones – IPone XS, Max, XR, X8, 8 +, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 +, Note S8, S8 + series. The device needs in a special recess in the glove compartment of the Toyota Tahoma SUV. The charger has a chip that protects the charging smartphone from overheating and voltage surges.  The device can recognize unfamiliar objects and in this case does not start charging. The LED indicator glows blue when the smartphone is charging. And when the Scosche wireless charger replenished the battery it turns green. Dimensions: 92 * 171.4 * 292.1. Weight – 8.61 kg. Price: $ 59.

MagicMount™ Pro Charge MPQ2OH-XTSP1:

aluminum magnetic holder with Qi wireless charger function. The power of the device produced by Scosche is 10 W. It is compatible with iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.  There is a fast charging function for Samsung and Apple. The device is able to recognize unfamiliar objects and in this case does not activates. One of the advantages of the device is the ability to install it in different places and several ways. The base of the holder contains special StickGrip material, which acts as a suction cup. As a result, MagicMount Pro can be placed on various surfaces and even on vertical planes. Powerful neodymium and rare earth magnets of the device produced by Scosche are 100% safe for the gadget when wireless charger is in usage. The kit of the Scosche wireless charger includes A/C adapter and aluminum non-magnetic stand. There is a hole for wires on the bottom of the case.

SCOSCHE MPQ2V MagicMount Pro Charge:

device rengers10W wireless charging power. Charging starts automatically when the smartphone placement on the surface of the wireless charger. The charger has a sensor for detecting unfamiliar objects. In this case, charging does not start. The set of the wireless charger includes: – an adapter for charging the device from a car, – a mount for placing the charger on the car windshield, and three metal plates of different sizes. The first plate is for the IPhone, the second for Samsung, and the third for other QI-compatible wireless charging technology gadgets. There is one USB port in the charger. The device’s magnets provide the smartphone secure placement on the charging surface. This feature creates comfort while driving. Placing the phone on the charger and removing it is easy. The construction features of this version  allows to place the smartphone  on the charging plate  with one hand while the other is in the steering wheel. Price $ 39-45

Scosche BaseLynx Kit:

the device renders the power at 1 device in charging – 10 W. Scosche wireless charging dock with a portable power bank can charge 6 devices simultaneously. This option comes and activates when user adds additional Scosche wireless charging docks to the stand.  The maximum output the portable power bank renders to the  gadget is 3 and 2.4 A. There is a Power Delivery function for fast charging. The device has an Apple Watch Charging Zone. There is  LEDindicator, that signal the charging process start. There are 3 USB, 2 USB C on the charger case. The number of USB ports corresponds to the number of gadgets that can be simultaneously connected to the charger using adapter cables from USB A to one or another charging connector.

The kit includes: a module with wireless charging, a module for charging Apple Watch, a stand module with three ports for wired charging  – 2xUSB A + USB C 18 W, a module  of the with two  ports  USB A + USB C 18 W, and a plug. The Scosche wireless charging pad includes a detachable 1.5 m power cable and USB – USB C and USB – Lightning 0.3 m. The modular design makes it possible to supplement the charger with additional modules. The rubberized surfacе also protects any polished metal or glass surfaces. Its curved sides help to hold an iPhone sized XS Max. Dimensions: 334x146x67 mm – assembled. Weight 975 g.

BaseLynx is a customizable modular system  that allows the user to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, AirPods, portable gaming systems, and other electronic devices. Customers can just plug in the modules of the pad produced by Scosche in any order and add more if needed to make expanded wireless charging functions. This charger, like all the devices described above, has a MFI – “Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad certificate”. Accessories marked with the MFI brand belong to  “apple” class gadgets. Its components are made of high-quality and safe materials for health. When using them, it is guaranteed that no problems occur with charging or connecting to a computer.