Smart gear wireless charging power bank: compact devices and multifunctional stations with voice control, and video options

With wireless charging, the user simply places the smartphone on the designated pad with no need to disconnect and connect the cable. Wireless headphones and smartwatches are charged in the same way. No wires or unnecessary parts: the magnetic field creates a current inside the coil of the gadget, thanks to which it charges. Before buying a device, the user should make sure whether the smartphone or other gadget supports a wireless charging device. If in the time of charging the device telephone call takes place, it’s possible to pick up the phone, make a conversation, and return the phone to its place. 

Xiaomi ZMI WTX10 0:

 inexpensive quality charger from a famous Chinese brand. The charger has a flat body with a diameter of about 9 cm and a thickness of only 7 mm. The output power is 9 W. It is enough to power any smartphones that support the Qi standard. The smart gear wireless charging power bank renders a fast-charging function. 

The smartphone must be positioned strictly in the center. There is an indicator on the charger’s body. When it lights up red, it means that the gadget was placed unevenly on the site and its position needs to be corrected. The glass surface is slippery. The vibration signal may cause the smartphone to slide off the stand.  

The smart gear of power bank describedin the review, during wireless charging provides protection against overheating, short circuits, and overvoltage. If you place a metal object such as scissors, paper clips, etc. on the stand, the charger will not turn on. The body of the charger is made of aluminum alloy and equipped with durable glass on the front. There is a connector for a USB Type-C cable designed on the side of the charger. The cable and adapter are included in the package. The price of the device – 16,5%.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad:

 compact flat smartphone stand shaped in an aluminum body with an anti-slip top deck. This smart gear wireless charging power bank operates in two modes – standard 5 W and accelerated 7.5/10 W. The Quick Charge function provides a fast battery charge: up to 50% in 30-40 minutes. The maximum output power of the device is 10 W. The charge heats up while charging the smartphone. 

There are all necessary types of protection: short circuits, overheating, accidental activation when placing metal objects on the surface. The device automatically detects the level of charge in the gadget and turns it off to save energy at the end of work. Size: 90 x 90 x 15 mm and weight 100 grams. The charger comes with a USB cable, but no adapter. The cost of the device is about $ 19-22.

Samsung EP-P1100:

 affordable flat wireless charger compatible with all phones supporting the Qi standard. Output power – 10 W. For users of smartphones and other Samsung gadgets, the Fast Charge function is also available. Smart gear wireless charger parameters: the thickness is less than 12mm, diameter – 88 mm, and weight 58 grams. 

The smart gear of power bank is made of matte plastic. There is a soft elastic band on the surface, and the smartphone during wireless charging does not slip even when vibrated. An indicator designed on the body lits in two colors: red indicates the charging process, and green indicates its completion. The device is connected to the charging block via a USB Type-C cable, but it is not included in the package. The phone only charges if placed strictly in the middle of the charger. Like most similar branded gadgets, it has overheating and short circuit protection. The user can safely leave smartphones and other gadgets on charge unattended. The cost of the device is about $ 20.5.

Huawei CP61

flat charger’s body made of plastic covered with dense gray fabric. There are also some rubber inserts on the surface. They prevent sliding off the phones with a glass back from the stand of the smart gear wireless charger. The device has a record output power in its segment – 27 W. Fast charging is provided and works with all supported devices with an output power of 15 W. The only drawback – the quite noisy operation of the fan, which can be heard during sleep. The charger is equipped with overheating and short circuit protection. If to put any metal object – keys, coins on the stand, it will not turn on. The set includes a cable – USB type A and USB type С and 40W power unit for connecting the device to computer/laptop. The cost of the device is about $41. 

Google Pixel Stand:

 multifunctional wireless charger for smartphones with broad capabilities. The smart gear has voice control and connectivity to the Google Home system. To start the device, the user should install the application of the same name on a smartphone. And when the phone is placed on a smart gear wireless charging stand for charging, the following functions become available: a video intercom call is performed on the screen, the phone displays a photo from an album, and the station connects to smart speakers.

Qi support is limited to 5W. The charger comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable that connects to the included 18W USB-PD (Power Delivery) wall adapter. The base has non-slip pads, and the phone sits on a tilt stand. There is an LED that lights up to indicate that the phone is charging.

The user can set up a light alarm that will help to wake up calmly without loud annoying sounds. The charger designed is a white color option. The cost of the device is about $96.

Baseus Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad:

 wireless charger capable to wirelessly charge all Qi-phones, regardless of brand. The presence of three coils in smart gear the enables the phone placement in any position. The user  can read or watch a video while recharging. Output power 10 W. There is a fast-charging function in the device. The amperage  of the smart gear wireless charging stand is automatically selected – 1.67 or 2 A, depending on the technology supported by the phone and the state of the battery of charge. The silicone body of the device prevents the mobile gadget from sliding. There is an indicator showing that the charging process is normal. The model is equipped with a connector: USB Type-C. The kit comes with a charging cable of 120 cm. length. A choice of body colors is available – there are white and black models on sale. The cost of the device is about $27.

Rombica NEO Q17 Quick:

smart gear renders a wireless charging for Apple smartphones with 7.5W. For owners of Android OS, a charging speed of the stand is 10 W. It is not necessary to remove the cover from the charged phone. But users note that charging does not work with a thick accessory. The device features: two coils and powerful legs. This allows the user to put the phone on charge and to watch movies at the same time – both in portrait and landscape orientations. Another plus is the soft – non-scratching eco-leather coating, which provides the charger with a stylish design. The cost of the wireless charger performed in the smart gear wireless charging power bank review as a most light version is about  $ 27,5.