Usams wireless charger power bank

Qi is one of the most popular and widespread wireless charging standards developed by the non-profit organization Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Panasonic, Xiaomi, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, General Motors, Apple, ASUS, Bosch, Qualcomm  and  several hundreds  other corporations  are members of the consortium. Many companies, irregarding of membership in the wireless charger alliance, continue to develop their  wireless charger concepts. This review brings to your attention the most popular models of reliable Usams wireless chargers.

USAMS US-CD119 2 in 1 + cable  – White:

the maximum power of the wireless charger is 10 W. The device provides the ability to recharge several Qi-compatible gadgets – smartphones, smartwatches and headphone charging cases at the same time. There is a possibility of installation in 2 positions.  There are LED indicators on the body of the Usams wireless charger power bank, which turn on at the moment of the start of wireless charging.

Features of the USAMS 2 in 1 wireless charger: – automatically adapts the charging power bank capacity based on the needs of the connected phone. The charger’s body includes high-quality materials with a decent level of wear resistance, which significantly increases the service life of the accessory. The smartwatch charging platform is perfectly tuned to work with the Apple Watch. Stylish design and modest dimensions allow it to blend harmoniously into any interior.

USAMS Wireless Charger + Lightning (CC96WH01) Black:

universal wireless charging 3 in 1.

Output for smartphone – 10 watts, for wireless headphones and smart watches – 2 watts. Charger is a high-quality wireless model for fast and easy charging of smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, fitness bracelets, music players. The gadget allows to charge Apple devices, as it has a Lightning cable. At the same time, Usams wireless charger power bank can simultaneously charge any electronic device that supports QI wireless charging. A High-speed connection ensures fast charging of Apple devices. The output of the Lightning cable is a maximum of 2 A.

For wireless charging, the device uses a double coil, increasing the charging efficiency. Induction energy transfer from the charger to the device is a high speed and completely safe. Wireless charging is protected from overheating, overload, overvoltage thanks to the built-in safety lock.

The induction charger has the shape of a round stand, which will conveniently accommodate any device for charging the battery. The strong flexible cable easily connects to the socket of the personal computer, the laptop, and through the adapter to an electric network.
Strict design will profitably complement any interior of the office or home. Price: $14,9.

USAMS US-CD126 Silver:

сar wireless charger supports QI wireless charging technology and will charge compatible models with 15W output power. Input current: 5V 2A / 9V 2A. The  Usams charger replenishes iPhone 8 and above, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +, S10, S10 +, S10e, and other QI-compatible smartphones and accessories. Thanks to its two coils, the Usams silver holder has fast-charger option, providing 40% faster charging speed. The device only works with models that support this function. Otherwise, the Usams provides standard wireless charger option.  For fast charging, the customers should use the appropriate power adapters.

High-quality PC + ABS are materials in the body and pull-out frames of the device.  Each latch has silicone pads not to damage the gadget during charging. The user must screw one of the two complete mounting options to the back of the device. USB connector type – USB Type-C. Size 104х64х55 mm. Weight 98 gr. Package Contents: a wireless Charger, one air vent mount, and Type C cable. There is high voltage and short circuit protection sensor in the case of the Usams charger. An infrared sensor shows the moment when the gadget starts charging. Car wireless charger holder attaches to the reflector grille.

The charging holder includes an innovative locking mechanism for the mobile device. The built-in sensor recognizes the moment when the gadget is near the device and automatically opens the frames. And after the phone touches the contact surface, the petals close and grip it tightly. The smartphone stays in place even during emergency braking, accelerating, or driving on uneven roads. To reopen the frames,  customer need to press the charging foot. Price: $44,8.

USAMS Wireless Charger US-CD30 Pad-Zodi Black (CD30ZD01):

 Ultra-thin wireless QI charger for charging smartphones with QI module. The number of devices in simultaneous charging  – 1 Accessory power10W. Input  indicators: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A. The device supports Apple fast charging technologies – 7.5W and Android Fast Charge -10W. The device contains a sensor for protection against overheating, overvoltage, and short circuit. The LED indicator of the Usams wireless power bank signals the start of the charging process. At the bottom, the accessory has rubberized supports to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.  Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.7 x 1.15 cm. Plastic is the key material of the accessory case.  Kit includes USB cable. Price: $7.

Usams Dual Coil Wireless Charger White (CD120):

10W power bank with dual wireless charging coils for mobile phones, headphones and smart watches. Total current 3000 mA (3A). This model of the Usams charger can replenish two gadgets simultaneously. The LED indicator located on the charging case indicates the start of charging the smartphone or headphones. The device has a voltage surge protection sensor, which makes the charging process safe, protects both the device itself and the gadget on its charging surface. Dimensions 190 x 89 x 13 mm. Weight 108 gr. There is a Micro USB charging connector. It doesn’t take much effort to plug in the cord and start recharging. The price of the Usams wireless power bank: $25,72.

USAMS US-CD89 Wireless Fast Charge 2 in 1 Black :

power 10 W. There is a fast charging function for Android smartphones, 7.5W for iPhones, 5W for watches and headsets.
The device has a magnetic hold for Apple Watch and AirPods. The device charges two devices at the same time – a smartphone that supports wireless charging and an Apple Watch. Watch Magnetic Charger – charger for Apple Watch can be detached from the main part of the device and charge the watch separately. The charger has compatibility with all phones that support Qi charger. Smart Watch Compatibility: Apple Watch Series 1,2,3,4 Compatible with AirPods via  the Lightning port.

On the side of the wireless charger case, there are two blue indicators that show the charging process. The device has 7 levels of protection – against overheating, short circuit, deep discharge, overvoltage,  and overcharging. The body of the charger comprise aluminum as the main construction material.  If someone asks «how do you use a power bank wireless charger?»  The answer is: the kit includes a USB cable.  When the user connects the cable to the mains, puts the smartphone on the charging surface of the power bank – the battery replenishment algorithm runs automatically.  Price $27,96


 10W car wireless charger holder. The device supports the function of high-speed charging and automatically recognizes the connected gadget, and selects the optimal parameters for its fast charging.  Сapacity for iPhone – 7.5W and for Android devices – 10W.  The basis of the device case material is high-quality ABS plastic. This material has extreme temperature resistance.

To use a power bank You should install a wireless charger holder. The holder has two methods of attachment. To do the charging, the user should install the holder on the car torpedo or windshield, or into the car deflector. With the help of a high-strength suction cup, this is how the power bank performs, Usams US-CD94 attaches to any flat surface of the car. The powerful magnet holds the phone securely in the charger holder. Two sashes of the holder, automatically fix gadgets with a diagonal of 10.16 to 15.24 cm. and provide secure fixation of the smartphone. The device has a hinged mounting mechanism. The device rotates 360 degrees and the user can design the viewing angle fluently.  Price: $ 21.6.

Despite the difference in the design concept, Usam wireless chargers have similar functional components: – chip fuse protects the phone from overvoltage. All devices have a  LED indicators, which helps the user to understand that charging has started. Each Usam has one USB port and one plug-in cable. This design allows giving a fairly clear answer to the frequently asked question – “How do you use a power bank wireless charger?” And the answer is: “I just plug the adapter cable into the charger’s USB port and place the phone on the charging surface. The turned on LED indicates that the charging of the gadget has begun. “With a high level of technical precision, these features  are key marketing advantages of this manufacturer.